Sharon Wheeler Fascial Work


Sharon travels the world to teach her techniques to a large variety of practitioners in numerous professions. Students will be trained and supported at full length by introduction, demonstration and practicing all of the techniques. Documentation will be provided as well, and assistant trainer will guide you thru all steps of the procedures. Trainings are held in English language and if provided abroad , trainings are translated by native speaker in real time.

Classes are provided through partner schools or associated educational groups, who organize and advertise the class to their network, as well as, manage registrations. Each class includes time tested lectures about the work, demonstrations and hands-on practice of the techniques and methodology.  The students practice and perform the things they learn in class on external models with hands-on supervision attending to the classroom via the teacher and assistants. The learning atmosphere remains relaxed and casual during the classroom hours, with sufficient time to ask questions and discuss specific topics brought forth by the students. Sharon supports “learning in the horizontal”, i.e. permitting students to lay down and listen while the class continues. The overall goal is that students take what they need during the classroom hours.

watch Sharon teaching