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This website features the pioneering innovations of Sharon Wheeler, whose contributions evolved from the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the founder of Structural Integration. This is an information and resource platform for clients, therapists and healthcare providers within our global community.


Creating scar tissue is our body’s way of mending trauma. However, these adhesions often leave us compromised with tension, restriction, and disorganization.

But, what if… we could “erase” the scarring, and integrate the tissue back into the fascial web.


BoneWork molds the shape and contour of damaged bones. This process restores the function of the bone being treated.


Cranium torque molds the shape and contour of the cranium. This technique eases the fascial layer of the human skull.

For over 50 years, Sharon has applied Structural Integration`s original principles to discover and create new forms of treatments.

ScarWork describes the art of integrating scars into the fascial web. This methodology serves as a portal in which the practitioner can begin to coax the fibrous and random tissue into the organization of the established collagen matrix surrounding the site of the scar.

BoneWork, also Sharon’s invention through many decades of practice, molds the shape and contour of damaged bones. Most notably through the lens of Structural Integration, BoneWork restores the way in which bones space apart tissue and serve as an anchor within the local fascia web. Another somewhat magical technique, called “Cranial Torque” applies BoneWork to the cranium.

The technique of “Cranial Torque” shows special promise that influences the shape of the cranium and improves the functioning of the brain. And TailEnd techniques balance the pelvis to support upright posture.

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