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Sharon travels the world to teach her techniques to large variety of practitioners in numerous professions. Students will be trained and supported at full length by introduction, demonstration and practicing all of the techniques. Documentation will be provided as well, and assistant teachers will guide you through all steps of the procedures. Trainings are held in the English language, and if provided abroad, trainings are translated into local language by a native speaker in real time. Sharon’s learning atmosphere is relaxed and casual, with sufficient time to ask questions and discuss your specific projects.


As an inspiring continuing education experience, this course delivers fresh insights and tools, while opening new doors to the future of your bodywork or clinical practice.

In this class you will

  • Understand how scars can create subsequent effects both locally and elsewhere in the body
  • Learn a variety of techniques to address specific qualities of different scars
  • Receive practical experience with a variety of scars in 3 supervised clinic settings
  • Discover how ScarWork’s theories and perspectives can enhance your skills within your general practice with all clients/patients


Bone Change techniques, much like ScarWork, address shape and contour. It involves precisely directed manual pressure into the fascial elements around the outer membranous layer of the bone (periosteum). Often in the healing process, the bone develops thick calcifications that distort position and effects proper range of motion. BoneWork softens the mineralized connective tissue “scarring” of a bone. Much like the results of ScarWork, these leftover bone distortions can transform towards normal in moments. Results appear to be permanent.

Bone Rolling technique releases bone-to-bone adhesions that are at the level of the fascial layer of the periosteum. By using manual pressure specifically directed into the this connective tissue adhesion, bones that have gotten stuck together from the impact of accidents and injuries can reorganize in moments. The bones are then free to move, unwind, or “roll” back into a better relationship within the surrounding fascial web, which results in profound, lasting structural and functional shifts.

Please note that Bone Rolling is strictly soft tissue work and in no way resembles chiropractic work or high velocity “adjustments.”

CraniumCranium Work

“Two handed torque” for the cranium will be taught. This delightful technique smooths out lumps, bumps, dents and distortions in the skull, nicely demonstrating the fluidity of spongy bone in the cranium. For the lower jaw and zygomatic arch, the “double pry bar” for width and balance will be taught. We will explore nose work, the eye sockets, the ears and ear cartilage, and the hyoid. Close attention will be given to the atlas/axis relationship and we will take a good look at the upper back and upper ribs and shoulders as they relate to this work.

From application of this direct techniques you may expect large amounts of structural change.


The Tail End of the body seems to receive a generous number of accidental impacts. And these impacts can distort the relationship between the bones and distort the actual shape of the bones in the region; the sacrum, coccyx, pelvis, and femur. Many thanks to the equestrian who inspired this workshop.

Sharon will give a guided tour of structural landmarks through this complex region. These landmarks give you a guide to evaluate good structure from damaged structure. Relevant Structural Integration work will be reviewed as well as specialized BoneWork for the remediation of any bent bones or badly healed breaks throughout this region. Students will be able to exchange sessions to receive help for their own Tail End troubles and we will have models for practice as well (with supervision).

Note: this course is intended for manual therapists of all backgrounds, including but not limited to, Structural Integrators

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