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“Dr. Rolf routinely repositioned boney structures and she changed the shape of the bones themselves. She would say she did not know if it was tissue or bone that changed.
With hindsight, I know now that the answer was the bone.” 

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TailEnd is an advanced technique designed for experienced practitioners in the field of Structural Integration.  

If you intend to sign up for a class we expect you to be familiar with Ida Rolf’s techniques of Structural Integration and Ida Rolf’s structure and concept of practicing her work in “hours”. You should also be familar with the basics of Sharon Wheelers BoneWork.

About TailEnd

The TailEnd course is Structural Integration for the Pelvis. It is a review and a deeper understanding of the goals of the work done in traditional ten-series sessions hours 4, 5, and 6.

This area of the body receives more than its share of accidental impacts from all sorts of interesting angles. These forces can distort the relationship between the bones, and they can distort the actual shape of the bones in tail region. The sacrum, coccyx, pelvis and femur are often bent or broken and stranded – stuck far out of place.

Bony landmarks, working positions, and Sharon’s own Two-Handed Pelvic Lift are explored in depth in this class.

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