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“Dr. Rolf stated that the 7th session on the head and neck was the center piece of the ten session Structural Integration/Rolfing series. She said that we do the first six sessions so we can get to the seventh, and then we do the last three to settle out what comes out of session seven.” 

  – Sharon Wheeler –

Cranium Baseline

Cranium is an advanced technique designed for experienced practitioners in the field of Structural Integration.

If you intend to sign up for a class we expect you to be familiar with Ida Rolf’s techniques of Structural Integration and Ida Rolf’s structure and concept of practicing her work in “hours”. You should also be familar with the basics of Sharon Wheelers BoneWork.

Cranium Technique

The Two-Handed Torque in particular is a revolutionary approach to working with the human skull. This is a complex technique that appears to generate extensive improvement in the shape and contour of the spongy bone of the cranium, theoretically changing the volume of the skull. This approach is used with the goal of making room for the interior changes brought forth by Dr. Rolf’s ‘7th hour’. As with ScarWork and BoneWork, the functional improvements that accompany Sharon’s approach to working with the cranium are often life-changing.

Working on the Cranium you should think about it as making room for interior change to emerge. General loosening work is usually done on the neck and base of the skull, the front and back of the neck muscles down to mid-back. Cranium Work goes above this areas and beyond the usual work on the skul to identify areas of unsymetry or tension. Working the cranium is intended to smooth out lumps, bumps and ridges, drawing out dents am impressions in the bone.

Working the Cranium also includes work inside the mouth and nose to release tension held within the skull.

Structural Integration for the Cranium

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