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The groundbreaking discovery of BoneWork is the result of Sharon’s inquiry into the fascial plasticity of bone. Sharon Wheeler: “It is possible to remediate damaged bone tissue. It changes in volume and contour towards normal within a field of manually applied pressure”.

About Bones

Bone is a highly specialized connective, living tissue and a rigid organ that constitutes part of the human skeleton and in most vertebrate animals. Bones provide a built-in ability to remodel, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have complex internal and external structure. They are lightweight, yet strong and hard, and serve multiple functions, Bones are growing and changing all the time like other parts of your body.  

BoneWork Technique

There are two lines of approach to working with bones, which she terms “Bone Change” and ”Bone Rolling”. Both techniques respect the fact that Bones are not hard and fix but rather flexible and movable. These techniques are not Bone manipulations (like chiropractic adjustments) but techniques to unwind and unhook bones/joints from their network of fascial patterns. In class you will be exploring the continuum between connective tissue and bone. The nature of this continuity allows us to work IN and THROUGH the bone’s plasticity to help resolve poorly healed fractures (as often found in broken collar bones) and distorted bony relationships (as in the case of bunions).

BoneWork is Sharon’s original discovery and one that she is continually developing and expanding on. Check out the inspiring story of the Boy of Bolinas.  The discovery was lady luck followed by years of observation and experimentation.

Bone Rolling and Bone Change will be demonstrated in class. They are simple to learn and easy to do.

The work is rarely painful – even for recently broken bones, and the amount of change in one intervention is extensive. The cosmetic effect is delightful and the functional changes can be profound.  The improvements appear to be permanent.

Practitioners will learn these techniques well enough to take them home and use them the next day in their private practices. BoneWork can fit seamlessly into an SI series or be used as a stand-alone intervention session.

Beyond relief with local restrictions, clients have also reported results that include whole-body shifts and trauma resolution.

BoneWork Introduction

to BoneWork on Bunions.

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