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In 1970, at the age of 23, Sharon Wheeler started training with Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the founder of Structural Integration. Sharon continued to study this work in various forms and in developing her own style of the work, two new methodologies emerged. She calls them ScarWork and BoneWork.

Sharon was on staff at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California teaching Esalen Massage when she met Dr. Rolf. She took her audit and practicing in the two Big Sur River House classes, and continued to train in the first Rolf Movement Integration class with Judith Aston in 1971.

In 1973 Sharon did a second practitioner class with Dr. Rolf in the Adams House at Esalen and then the Philadelphia Advanced Training with Dr. Rolf in 1978.

Sharon was one of the youngest students as well as one of the selected women to be trained. Sharon had a special connection with her teacher, Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf believed that Sharon could “see bodies in the same way as her.” Sharon describes her time as a student in those magical years so that students can learn about the origin of her work. Sharon remembers that she was forbidden from opening an anatomy book during the class. Dr. Rolf wanted to see if her work could be done as solely an art. She deemed Sharon “An Artistic Experiment”.

Of course Sharon went on to study anatomy intensely, through her classes, medical texts, and extensive work in dissection labs as her career progressed. After fifty years of practiticing and teaching, she has succeeded in developing the work of Dr. Rolf into an accomplished art form. She also has made her progression of the work accessible to thousands of practitioners across many fields.

Other interests have been the study of Mythology with Joseph Campbell, Core Energetics with John Pierrakos, MD, and the study of Tai Chi Chuan, Pa-qua and Hsing-I with Robert Smith and Allen Pittman. She likes to garden, and is fond of white water rafting and hiking.

Sharon’s membership affiliations include Guild for Structural Integration, Rolf Institute for Structural Integration, International Association for Structural Integration, Fascia Research Society, and NCBTMB workshop provider.

Sharon maintains a practice in Rolfing Structural Integration and Rolf Movement in Port Orchard, WA.

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